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Have you....

  • Tried every diet out there? Paleo, Keto, Weight Watchers, Whole30..etc?

  • Been on low calories for a while and are at a plateau you just can't break?

  • Given up on eating foods that you love and that fill you with joy in order to lose the weight?

  • Lost Self-Love and Confidence?

  • Constantly been on and off the wagon? Trying again and again to get the weight off?

  • Been making yourself miserable doing hours of cardio per day/week? 

Are you...

  • ​In desperate need of a breakthrough? Something thats going to FINALLY make sense and be easy to stick to?

  • Tired of spending money on things that don't work for you or that you can't stick to?

  • Wanting to get familiar with the gym and not only tone your body, but also gain confidence?

  • Seeking to create your dream body, but also get the extra bonus of feeling more fulfilled in Jesus?

I HAVE BEEN YOU!!! You are not alone girl. 

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All Videos

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I used to think eating 1200 calories + hours of cardio was the answer...

-I tried the fad diets. 

-I tried cutting out sugar completely and drinking skinny tea

-I tried being strict and restrictive with my diet sacrificing foods that gave me joy 

-I used to think that cardio was the ONLY way to get toned. 

These things helped me lose weight, but they also lead me to having a restricted mindset and binge eating

I had episodes of binging on the weekends after being 100% on point with my diet Monday-Friday because the weekends meant more freedom to me. 

I lived life in constant confusion of why I couldn't keep the weight off and in continual fear that I would eat the "wrong" things.

But I found food freedom. I found a way to eat foods I LOVE daily, lose the weight, and keep it off! 

And because I found that freedom, I want to teach you how to find it too. 


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