• Lexie Thiery

What You Don't Reveal Cant Be Healed

"I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness"

John 12:46

We all have emotional wounds. Some have scarred over yet still leave a ugly stain on your heart, still visible...but covered up.

When I was in the depths of my eating disorder I was consumed by the darkness. I almost craved it in a way. It started to get comforting because it was so familiar. I used that darkness to cover the pain in my heart and allow me to look alright on the outside looking in. But man was I broken on the inside. I didnt want to admit that I needed someone else. I didn't want anyone to judge me. I KNEW I needed help, but I was just to comfortable. Being vulnerable wasn't easy. Often times the smile on my face was fake, and forced. But a smile let people believe that I was okay...so they wouldn't ask what was wrong because I just had it in my head that I could do this alone. People are so judgmental. They can be so hurtful...heck..thats one of the reasons my eating disorder started. I didn't WANT to NEED anyone. I relied on my own strength, walking through the darkness and trying to find a way out.

Friends, God longs for us to be free from this. He KNOWS how hard it is to be vulnerable. He knows that you don't want to feel even greater shame by asking for help. Friends he knows. But what he needs you to know is that the darkness won't always be comfortable. That the light is where you will find freedom and grace. You just have to raise empty hands to him and ask him to heal you. But friends...what you don't reveal to Him, can't be healed.

We have a very smart God. He knows everything you think it before you do. But he gives us free will to choose to rely on Him, or our own earthly strength. I promise you that every time you chose yourself over Him, you will fail in some way. You will never fail with God.

You see, darkness has power over us. It keeps us contained and it masks the glory that is waiting to be revealed to us. It dims the brightness of the Healing Light that is freely given to us.

When you choose to step out of the darkness and lay that hurt, pain, or suffering at the feet of Jesus...you are declaring victory over the things that bound you..forever.

Never be ashamed to admit that you need healing. We have a savior that "came into the world as. Light, so that no one who believes in Him should stay in darkness."

Light means freedom and healing. And the good news is that we have the Greatest of all Physicians right at our hands.

Reflect on todays verse:

"I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness"-John 12:46

1. What part of your life do you need healing in the most? Ask God to reveal in your heart and give you the courage to step into that healing.

2. How is God speaking to you through this verse? What stands out to you the most?

3. Was there a lesson in this passage? How does it pertain to your life right now?

4. How do you feel God is using this passage to you move and grow you?

5. What are some steps you can take this week to embrace, and live out this truth?


You are the Great Physician. Open my eyes to your love. Lord I confess to you today that I need healing in ________ and I know that I cannot do it on my own. Father God I am so tired of living in the darkness. I need and desire your healing hand. Make me new. Help me to a life that is cleansed and ready to be used by you. Thank you for your Healing Light, for I am free because of Your Love.



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