• Lexie Thiery

Be Transformed

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

-Romans 12:2

This is my life verse. The verse that I keep being drawn back to because Its so easy to conform to the world. To become something that you aren't and to do things the world asks you to do.

Ive fallen victim to this, almost every single day actually. Because we live in a world thats constantly calling us to conform. To not stand out. To no take the road less traveled. To go to school and get a college degree and use that degree. Its telling us how our bodies should look and what we should eat to be healthy and what we shouldn't eat. The world is constantly in our ears telling us what we are and aren't good at. What we could do better and what we should do less of. Man, doesn't that get exhausting or is that just me?

The good news is that Jesus doesn't ask us to conform to the demands of the world. In fact, he instructs us not to. Sin lives in this world. Hurt lives in this world. Brokenness and damage lives in this world. But so does Jesus. Its just our job to seek out and find him in the midst of the mess. When we put aside what we KNOW is right to do the thing that makes more sense, we are missing the whole point of faith.

Its easy to take the road that allows us to be comfortable. This road is the one that voices from your past whisper to you and tell you to follow so you don't make the same mistake. Its the voices of the world consuming your thoughts telling you you are too busy to spend time with your friends, family, loved ones, or to even go to church. Its the voice of Satan in your head telling you that you don't have to go to church and have fellowship...you can watch it form the comfort of your own home every Sunday and never have to shake anyones hand. Its the voice of the enemy that tells you to be like everyone else. To follow in your mothers foot steps being a young mom. Or to keep choosing the boys that care more about your body than they do about your soul.

It doesn't matter what it is in your life, the enemy will use it to distract and redirect you to conforming to the sin filled world.

But he calls us to be different. He calls us to be changed. To be the light givers of the world to show those who don't believe that the old ways are not the ways of this time. But that there are new Truths to be told and new legacy that need to be made in his honor.

I encourage you this week to write down the word conform. Really look at the word and analyze what areas of your life do you feel like you've conformed.

Maybe you've given up on a dream because your family said it didn't look promising.

Maybe you feel as though you will always be a single mother raising her baby alone.

Maybe you are scared to allow new people in your life because of the ones that have hurt you in the past.

Maybe you are constantly seeking out the approval of the world or those around you to make sure you are doing the right things.

Maybe you are at a job you absolutely cannot stand and cry yourself to sleep at night in agony of going the next day

Maybe you are being beaten, misused and abused by your relationship, but you feel like you have to stay because you can heal him.

Maybe you are going out and partying every weekend with your friends because they pressure you to, but you'd rather be the girl who sits at home and reads a book.

Maybe you are so sick and tired of being controlled by food or an eating disorder, and you are finally realizing you need help.

Sweet Woman of Worth,

It doesn't matter what lies the enemy is telling you. Jesus has never stepped away from you. He has never turned his back to the light that He still sees shining. You aren't completely broken. You aren't completely damaged and too far gone to be used. You are right where he wants you. And you no longer have to give energy into proving you are strong enough on your own.

Surrender to Him.

Reflect on todays verse:

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.

-Romans 12:2

1. What things in your life are you conforming to? How can you cast them out today? How can you allow God to move through those areas of your life?

2. How is God speaking to you through this verse? What stands out to you the most?

3. Was there a lesson in this passage? How does it pertain to your life right now?

4. How do you feel God is using this passage to you move and grow you?

5. What are some steps you can take this week to embrace, and live out this truth?


I am tired of conforming to a world that I know is broken. I am not of this world, so help me to be different. Help me to be who you've called me to be and not who the world thinks I need to be. I surrender to you Jesus. I lay my life at your feet and declare victory over the things that have kept me bound. I know that my chains are already broken. Help me to walk in that freedom today to be authentically and truthfully me.


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