• Lexie Thiery

Practice Makes Permanent

Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

Philippines 4:9

So in school, they make you take tests to see how well you learned the subject that was just taught. And you are graded on how well you do on that test. Its because of those grades and making sure that we pass the class that we strive extra hard to put the work in, study, and get the grades that reflect all the hard work, right?

Well Gods Word is different. There is no pass or fail on how well you can recite a verse or how quickly you can come up with an explanation to answer a, b, or c. HIs Word is much more deep than that. And because of that, all he asks as our teacher is that we actually practice that we've learned.

He doesn't want us to just be the students in the class that listen with our ears and read with our eyes but don't take action with your hears and souls.

Because after all, what good would it do if you just spent half an hour in the Word reading the same verse or chapter over and over again because your brain is so distracted with things, responsibilities, and choices to be made in the day.

God asks us to be still. And he asks us to be obedient to the things that He teaches us. Obedience is the only thing he asks and yet its the hardest thing for us to do.

Why is that, Lexie?

Because we are sinners who are live in a fallen world that demand us to focus on things that have no true meaning in the end. Our job as Daughters of Christ is to bask in his presence, be still in his presence, and put to action the things that He calls us to do.

But see, we are also tested in a different way then how we are in school. God doesn't test us on a scale of pass or fail, he tests us on a scale of faith.

How willing are you to go out of your way and get uncomfortable enough in a situation or a season of life to grow in faith, stand firm in faith, or be moved while you have confidence that where he guides he will provide?

Man guys, isn't it cool that we don't have to earn Gods love?

Isn't it cool that he freely gives us Grace each and every day to start new, start over, and build on the foundation that we know can withstand anything?

He calls us to abide. Not to strive to earn that grace, but to strive to fulfill the purpose He places in every single one of us and to surrender to his perfection. He calls us to be the light on the other side of the darkness and to cast out the enemy in our minds to make room for more of Him.

Throughout this series of diving deeper into Gods Word and truly making a lasting transformation in our hearts to Drink Deeper from the Well, we have learned these things:

1. Think about your thoughts: do they aline with His truths, Word, and promises for you and your life?

2. What you don't reveal, Cant be healed: You have to be vulnerable...open, transparent, and unafraid of the pruning season and the growing season. Letting go of the dirty baggage that you have holding you down and walk forward into freedom form chains that have already been broken

3. Turn down the world and turn up and Word: The world is loud, and if we don't make sure we find time to be still in HIs presence, it will consume the space in our heads where God is supposed to be

4. There is nothing too big: Our trials and struggles may seem big, but our God promises that none of those things are too big for Him

5. Get well soon: We have to WANT to get well. We have to WANT to be transformed and renewed. We can't just go about our lives half heartedly asking God to make a change in our life if we aren't fully able to surrender to the very thing you asked Him to do

6. Power, Love, and Self Control: We are Children of God and heirs to the Throne, we are given love so that we might bring others close to Him, and we have the power of self control; whether thats self control in our tongue, our food intake, or our actions

7. Consider the Ravens: Guys....he provides for the ravens...pests of the sky. How can we not believe that He will provide exceedingly more than we could ask or imagine?

8. Victory at Calvary: the battle is already won. Lay down the chains, walk through that open prison door of your past and into the light of a new life in Him

9. Armor of God: we have the ability to put on the FULL Armor of God to defend our selves against the spiritual battle that takes place around us every single moment. In the midst of a battle, put on the only Armor that is indestructible.

10. Watch yourself: Our words matter. The sting. They hurt. Stop saying hateful words to yourself and start thinking God thoughts. Put on your God goggles and see the beauty that you are.

11. Bought at a price: Christ didn't die on the cross so that we could be half saved...He died on the cross so that we would never have to suffer from death. That victory would overtake death and because of that price that was paid, its our job to live as if we are valuable

12. Check your sight: our eyes are gateways to our hearts. What are you filling your head with? What are you watching? Could these things be controlling your attitude, mood, and actions ?

13. Be transformed: don't conform to this world. We have a different story that everyone else for a reason. We each have a different calling a different fingerprint that we are to leave on this earth. Be unique, and be proud of your uniqueness

14. One of a kind: We each have our own gift. We are each beautifully an wonderfully made in HIS image. Man, he even has us written on his hand. Thats how valuable you are to him. Give up the constant need to pick yourself apart and start seeing the grace that is wrapped around you when you turn your eyes to Jesus and embrace who he made You to be.

15. The flesh is not my home: what a great truth to know. Invite the spirit in and let him live out his purpose through you

16. Practice makes permanent: first we have to believe, and then we have to practice the things we learn every single day. Don't be the person who goes to church and gets hype for Jesus just on Sundays. Be the woman who is transformed each and every day into the women God called her to be. Fierce, unapologetic, unique, relentless, reckless in pursuit, and changed.

I pray that you have been changed. I pray that God has given you a new set of eyes to see yourself as the Woman of Worth that you are. And I pray that you live out that Truth each and every day.

Reflect on todays verse:

Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

Philippines 4:9

1. How are you going to practice to make permanent the things you've learned throughout this devotional series? How can you make it stick?

2. How is God speaking to you through this verse? What stands out to you the most?

3. Was there a lesson in this passage? How does it pertain to your life right now?

4. How do you feel God is using this passage to you move and grow you?

5. What are some steps you can take this week to embrace, and live out this truth?


Help me to practice that I've learned every day of my life. Guide my heart and help me to listen for your direction as I continue on this path. I pray that each and every day I would Drink Deep from the Well and fill my soul with the goodness that is your love. Thank you for transforming me and helping me believe that I truly am a Woman of Worth.



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