• Lexie Thiery

Not One Will Be Broken

The righteous person may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all; he protects all his bones, not one of them will be broken.

-Psalms 34:19-20

Somewhere along the way we got damaged. You ask, where was God when it hurt?

Maybe you've been diagnosed with cancer

Maybe you've been told you can't carry a child

Maybe you've been told that you will never get married

Maybe you've succumbed to an addiction that has consumed your life

Maybe you've moved 6 times in the last year because you are trying to escape the past and find a place to finally call home

Maybe you are running from a broken marriage

Maybe you are fighting off the lies in your head daily that tell you you aren't worthy, pretty, or capable.

Whatever it is, I get it.

We are all broken in some way. We are all carrying baggage we wish we could let go of. We are all broken.

But the good news is is that God says otherwise.

In the first verse it says that when we declare that we will follow Jesus all of our days, we are putting a target on our back for trouble to shoot its arrows.

But the verse right after that declares victory over those flaming arrows. He delivers us from them all.

There are no circumstances or "if-then" statements there. God is not the author of confusion. He is the author of clarity and peace and he lays it out for us so simply here.

He protects our bones. That means the enemy doesn't get to say whether we move or whether we stay. His truth is the compass that keeps us on the path we need to walk on to find peace.

Its when we engage in the conversation of confusion that the devil places in our heads that we start drifting away from the peace. We see the shiny object that looks tempting, and we lose focus.

God doesn't promise that our life will be easy. But he promises that if we chose to follow right beside him through this life, that our focus will never be foggy or misdirected.

Our bones will be protected. And if you happen to fall down and break a bone, we have a Father that will come running to the rescue when we call out his name to heal the brokenness and make us whole again.

Fall deep into his arms. Walk hand in hand with him through the trouble and through the pain..and know that his love is capable of healing the most broken people.

Reflect on todays verse:

The righteous person may have many troubles, but the Lord delivers him from them all; he protects all his bones, not one of them will be broken.

-Psalms 34:19-20

1. Are there certain conversations you've been engaging in recently with the enemy that are causing you to get distracted or to take your eyes off Jesus? List them., write them out and make it known that you see the conversations, but you are ready to walk away.

2. How is God speaking to you through this verse? What stands out to you the most?

3. Was there a lesson in this passage? How does it pertain to your life right now?

4. How do you feel God is using this passage to you move and grow you?

5. What are some steps you can take this week to embrace, and live out this truth?


I realize that there are conversations I have been participating in that don't serve me. I know that because I am Your child, I will have many trials and tribulations. Father God thank you for those trails. Because I know that through them I will not be broken, but I will be built up in strength and wisdom because you promise that you will deliver me. I will stand firm in that promise today as I walk hand in hand with you through the pain.



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