• Lexie Thiery

Are You Happy?

You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.

-Psalm 16:11

You know that time right after you graduate high school where the world is telling you that you need to have it together and know what you are going to do with the next 50 years of your life?

It seems almost unfair. In the time when we are still trying to figure out ourselves we are told that we also have to figure out our future selves as well.

Wouldn't it just be easier if we lived life knowing EXACTLY what the path before us looked like? I know it would be. It would have saved me a lot of mistakes and a lot of money (hello college tuition).

But I think the cool thing our paths is that we DONT have to have it all figured out. Because life is supposed to be an adventure. If we knew what the rest of our life looked like at the age of 16, we wouldn't want to do life. Its overwhelming. Its daunting.

God knew that we could only handle so much. He also knew that we aren't meant to live a mediocre life where we do the same things every single day like a day that never ends.

This verse about says that He will "make known to me the path of life", that doesn't mean ill get every detail, and that also doesn't mean ill know what my future looks like when everyone says I'm supposed to know.

God doesn't work by our timelines. He doesn't have a start and an end date and he doesn't care about worldly expectations or stigmas. Thats why parents with kids in college go back to college, Thats why elderly people can still find their true love. Thats why a woman who doctors say can't have a baby in her late 40's is able to have a baby. And thats why people who are retired are just then finding their passion in life.

For me, it all comes down to "Am I happy?". And I don't mean this in the sense of, is everything in my life going just jiffy and I have no debt, a beautiful house, car, husband, and dream job that allows men to take 12 vacations a year....nah....cause thats not real happiness.

Sure! Those things sure sound nice and id be so grateful if thats what my life looked like, but what is all of that for if I'm not on my knees thanking God, and doing His work in the midst of it all?

God wants us to be happy. He wants us to thrive in life and live in peace. But in the verse above it doesn't say that we will find happiness through worldly accomplishments or material possessions...or even success. It says that we will have "eternal pleasures". And I believe that in order to have eternal pleasures we must have an eternal mindset.

Its not easy to say to a 18 year old who is trying to figure out what major they are going to decide on in college "hey, I know you are supposed to be making this really big decision right now that will likely impact the rest of your life, but I'm guna throw another one on you and tell you that you need to evaluate if this is the thing that you are going to serve God with".

And I think thats the cool thing about God, He doesn't ask us to have that all figured out. He gives us grace and waits patiently for us to figure out that we need something deeper and bigger than success and money.

My pastor told us last week "If what you are currently doing doesn't light your soul on fire, give you peace and joy even in the midst of chaos, and if it doesn't help you build a deeper realtionship with Christ and spread the gospel to other....think about a career change."

Now I don't believe that God asks us to quit our jobs and go to ministry school. I do believe however that within our daily lives God gives us opportunities to have our own ministry.

My job is my ministry. Now, I know you may be thinking "well lex...you are your own boss and all you have to do is help people lose weight and talk about Jesus." My goodness you would be so wrong then. This is the hardest thing that I have EVER done. Its a daily struggle to do this thing. But God gives me the strength and grace to push through because I know I am serving a greater purpose.

Its not always rainbows and butterflies, but it is always something that brings me joy at the end of the day because I know God is being glorified. And you can do the same thing in your life as well.

I want you to take a second and evaluate your current situation. I believe that there are a couple different seasons of life that we go through when we are evaluating if this is what God has called us to do.

1. You are in a job that you absolutely love, but you feel a sort of emptiness. ---- Maybe Gods calling you to make a change in your workplace, or reach out to the woman you talk to everyday thats struggling to feed her 6 kids at home

2. You are in a job that you thought you were supposed to do, but you have anxiety every day that you wake up to go to work ---- Maybe God is asking you to take a look at your life, and see where you've put Him. Are you just 'fitting Him in" to your daily schedule?

3. You cannot stand the job that you are in. Its taking everything out of you. You feel so far away from God because you just don't even have enough brain space to set out aside time in your day to talk to Him ----Maybe God is asking you to take a step back. Is this serving God in any way? Do you think he called you to be in this job for a reason? Could this be a pruning season? One that God is working on some things in your hear that you've held onto for too long and he's using the pressure to lead you back to Him?

4. You cannot stand the job you are in. Its taking everything out of you. But you feel a pull to stay where you are. You've thought about quitting and finding another job, but nothing has worked, and you feel a constant tug at your heart to stay put. ----Maybe God is calling you to stay right where you are, but to lay down your constant need to be busy. Your constant need to say yes and fill your schedule with too many things. Maybe Gods saying "hey, this is where I want you to be, but that ache you feel in your heart....its where I'm supposed to be".

Whatever it is though, ask God to search your heart. To give you an eternal mindset and a grateful heart for the exact situation that you are in, because you are there for a reason...but don't get stuck there is God calls you to move.

Reflect on todays verse:

You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.

-Psalm 16:11

1. Are you happy in your current situation? Maybe not so much worldly happy, but do you feel an eternal peace in your situation? Or do you feel stuck..like something is missing? I encourage you to write it out, and then ask God to search your heart for the places He needs to be.

2. How is God speaking to you through this verse? What stands out to you the most?

3. Was there a lesson in this passage? How does it pertain to your life right now?

4. How do you feel God is using this passage to you move and grow you?

5. What are some steps you can take this week to embrace, and live out this truth?


Your presence is so sweet, and I thank you that you are always with me, through every decision I make. You make known to me the path of life Lord, help me follow it where ever it will lead. If you call me to go into the valley, I will, and I will sing praises to you through it. Spirit guide me down the path that leads to you, not the easy path, or the short path..but the one that glorifies you. If my current position isn't where I am called to be. give men the grace to step away from it. And if my current position is the exact position you've called me to, help me to stand on your firm foundation and root myself deeper here in your love.



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