• Lexie Thiery

Trust Fall

Life is a literal trust fall with Jesus.

Wow. I know that was kind of deep right off the bat right? Just getting you prepared!

Really though, every single day you have to wake up, stand up, and backwards fall into his arms. Can you picture that?

Its so cool though because we don't have to worry about hitting the ground because we can have confidence that He will ALWAYS be there to catch us.

We can't have confidence without trust. They go together.

We are confident in God and His abilities to meet every need, therefore we trust that He will.

We are confident that our Gods not dead, therefore we trust in the promises of His Living Word.

We are confident that we studied well for the test, therefore we trust that we will do well on it.

I wanted to start out this Study with the subject of confidence because this is something that I think (jk I KNOW) every single one of the girls in the group have struggled with at some point, maybe even are struggling at this moment.

I think the greatest thing about the Big Man Upstairs Papa G is that there are COUNTLESS verses in the Bible talking about confidence.

But the themes that we as women struggle with the most are

-confident that we are enough

-confident that we are worthy

-confident in our body image

-confident in his ability to be in control when we aren't

And thats our subject for today. Confidence in His abilities. Being okay with not being okay, because we know that He's making it okay. We want to have it altogether all the time, at every moment. We are worry worts, and when things go out of our control we can't handle ourselves or our situations. We go limp. Or our posture immediately goes from standing tall in confidence to slumped over in defeat. Its not just a physical posture, its a heart posture as well. Its a destructive pattern that manifests its way into our hearts and leaves us feeling empty when we don't have the answers.

Its like that feeling that you feel when you studied for the exam for 7 days straight, memorized every note card, and lost sleep over making sure you were on top of it all. Then when the test comes you look at the questions and your heart falls to your butt because you realized you studied the wrong chapters.

Thats kind of the way I see life when we try to be the ones in control.

We study and study and study and try SO hard to make sure we are prepared, having it all together, ready to ace the test when it comes...and then we are blindsided when the winds switch and hit us in a direction we weren't prepared for....because we didn't have the foundation. We weren't rooted.

Sister friend, I know this chain. I've carried it myself. And sometimes I still carry it. Man oh man is it a heavy one.

Ever been in one of these predicaments?

Financial strain: lost confidence in His abilities to provide Job loss: lost confidence in His ability to make our path straight

Marriage Issues: lost confidence in His ability to fix what is broken

Body image issues: lost confidence in His ability to change our mindset or in our worthiness Everything seems to be falling apart, one after another: lost confidence in His ability to move the mountains

There isn't nessecarily anything wrong with wanting to have control over certain areas of our life. Like, we would like to be in control of what we put in our body, or how we do our hair for the day. Those are little things.

But where it causes destruction is when you come to God with a closed fist. Like, 'God. I need your help. I NEED you to give me this thing, or help me with this thing. But I'm not ready to let go of this. Can you do it anyway?"

God doesn't work like all. Its all. Not all or nothing. But all.

Confidence and trust are too things that we choose to make conditional. Its easy to be confident when God says yes or when our days go routinely. But what if He says no? What if we get pushed out of routine? Wont He still be the same God that was able before? What if we made confidence and trust unconditional just like we make strive to make love unconditional? Would that change the way you live? Would that change the way you pray to God? Would your prayers look more like "God thank you that I can't, but you can. Thank you for the strength that I have in your name, in your abilities. You are the same God, always"?

Listen friend, when Christ dwells in you, you are taken out of yourself and beyond your very real limitations. The whispers in your head that tell you "don't try, because you can't" will quiet down when you remember that because you are heirs to The Kingdom (Galatians 3:11-24) you possess the same power that flowed through the veins of our favorite dude Jesus Christ.

In our scripture today we see the Word valuable. This is a word that I've been battling with ever since I was little. And its been a very real battle. The kind that leaves me striving to find my value in the World, men, words, physical image...worldly things. I'd need a lifetime of fingers and toes to count how many times I've felt worthless.

But hear me...God does not use our worldly standard of value to determine how much we are worth. He determined that on the cross.

Theres a very real man, who lived a very real life, and died a very real death, so that we could live a life of FREEDOM.

I want to picture the person you love most on this earth. Now image God telling you that in order for that person to live a life of freedom, peace, and love...you would have to take the WORLDS sin on your shoulders; past present and future. What would your response be?

Jesus didn't hesitate. He looked down from the cross into your eyes while his body was being destroyed with nails, blood dripping down his face, and said "I choose even you. All of you. As you are."

THAT is how valuable you are. If Jesus is able to die on the cross for YOU before the world even knew you, don't you believe that the same love he showed on that day, he will show to you every day in his ability to care for your every need?

God feeds even the birds: Wont He will certainly feed you?

God provides a place to rest for even birds: Wont He certainly provide for you?

God loves even the birds: How much more could He love you? The one created in His image, His mirror to the World.

The ground began to shake, the stone was rolled away.

His perfect love cannot be overcome

These words pierce my soul every time I hear them on the radio. Because they profess His capabilities. Love defeated everything you are worried about in this moment. Everything.

Trade your worry for worship and watch God make the mountain bow down to Him

These are the things that I want you remember as you walk through today

- There is nothing I am worried about that God hasn't already worked out

-I am capable, because his power flows through me

-I boast not that I am strong, but in my weakness He is strong in me

-I am confident in His timing, because God does not get in a hurry; miracles happen in the waiting

-When things are out of my control, my eyes will be drawn to the heavens, not to my feet. Up is where He is, up is where I will continue to climb

-I am confident that His hand is always in mine

-I am confident that even in my brokenness, I am still just as valuable

-I am confident that there is nothing in this World that can defeat me when my roots are build in the foundation that it His strength

Discussion question: Post your thoughts in the group!

How are you taking action today to put feet to your faith and root yourself in confidence that He has the ability to take care of you?


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