• Lexie Thiery

Its about Perspective

Have you ever looked through one of those virtual reality glasses that makes you feel like you are looking at something completely different than whats actually right in front of you?

It takes you to a whole new place. It lets you see the world through a different lens. Somebody else's view.

I feel the same way sometimes when I watch a movie, or a youtube video. Im sure you've been there before. You get so lost in the persons life you are watching, or the drama thats going on in the movie that you completely forget about whats going on in your life at that moment. You lose yourself in it. But as soon as the movie or video is over you come back to reality. And sometimes what we have in our reality isn't what we wanted to come back to.

I get it.

I think worry is our biggest paralyzer of stepping into the future, and comparison is our biggest competitor in our present, chaining us to our past.

Sometimes we look at our life and feel really really blessed and happy. And then we go to a friends house and immediately start to want what they have, or compare your house with their house. Or maybe you get a really good paycheck that you are pumped about, but you go home to that bill you weren't expecting. What once was good enough for you, is now something you see flawed, needing changed, or is no longer good enough.

Or maybe its not even that. Maybe you feel as though your past in chaining you down. Keeping you from moving forward in any area of your life because its just too heavy of a burden to bear. You feel like since you didn't get it right in the past, you aren't going to get it right now. Why would God give ME Grace?

Hear me: Stop allowing your past experience to dictate your present perspective.

Its a simple statement, yet one of the hardest things we ever have to push ourselves to do. And often, we don't do it. We get comfortable with the weight.

I think it comes down to the fact that we don't want take part in our own redemption story. Thats a hard truth to swallow. But think about it. We don't want to do the Rooting it takes to truly embrace our current situation, whatever it looks like. And we especially don't want God to do any uprooting, cause thats not comfortable. We wait and wait and wait and wait for someone to come pick us up out of the dirt and remove our shackles.

But Sister friend, someone already has.

Our Knight in Shining Armor has already kissed our lips and woken us up. His hand is already in yours, waiting for you to let go of that place you rested in for the longest time; the familiar, the comfortable. Our redemption story is taking place in this moment. His Grace covers you. ALL of you. EVERY season. Every breath we take we are breathing Free Air. Do you see what I did there? Those two words are capitalized because its no longer our breath in our lunges, its Jesus.

So as we know that with the same breath he breathed on the cross when he whispered "It is finished" ,he breaths also over your life when you choose Him.

No more chains. Only freedom.

Freedom to live in a perspective that your life doesn't have to drastically change for God to be working in it.

You don't have to have the latest gadget to fit in. Or the biggest house, or the strongest muscles.

All you have to have is a faith that stands Rooted in the Confidence that He has your present situation already mapped out as part of the story that leads you to a greater purpose.

I firmly believe that the only way to healing from your past, or even your present, is to stand in a posture of surrender. Stop clinching our fists and crossing our arms and open up. We have to be strong enough to pick ourselves up off the floor, and humble enough to kneel and pray, even when you don't feel a thing.

Sister He didn't just give us Grace when we said the prayer that allowed Him into our life. He gives us DAILY Grace. Amazing Grace. Sustaining Grace.

Sustaining Grace. Thats a good one. That means He sustains us. That mean you don't get that Grace for one day, and then you gotta earn it again. That doesn't mean Grace thats conditional. That means Grace that looks at you in your present situation and says "My Grace is sufficient for even this".

Sometimes it gets frustrating because you feel like you are doing all the right things. You are praying, tithing, speaking about Him to others, living a life of Love...and still you see no change.

I believe that its not because He's not working, but because sometimes God doesn't need His work to be apparent to you for you to know He's in it. He knows that if you saw the change in its entirety, you might think it was your hand, not His. Our perspective is a lot smaller than Gods, remember that.

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.

There are so many words and phrases in these lines that comfort me.

A couple key points I want to make:

1. "I lack nothing". A shepherd takes care of his sheep. Giving them everything they need to survive. We lack nothing in this moment. Everything we have besides Jesus is a bonus to our human existence

2. Shadows are produced by something being in the way of light. So if you ever feel like you are in the darkest valley, remember that you can't have a shadow without light.

3. A rod and staff are used by the shepherd to pull lost sheep back to the heard, save them from something detrimental, or to guide them on the right path. We are the sheep.

Dear friend. Root yourself in the confidence today that your present is taken care of. He gives you Grace for even this thing that seems impossible. Whatever season you are going through in this moment, there is a God sized plan unfolding. The deeper you root in your present, and stronger you will be for your future.

Discussion Question:

What is an affirmation that you can connect with the words written in these verse, or the words God has on your heart right now to speak over your present perspective.

Invite God in today. Allow him to change your perspective to see the freedom you already walk in in this moment.


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