• Lexie Thiery

Bold to speak

Scripture I read: Philippians 1

SOAP Method:

S:  "And most of the brothers, having become confident in the Lord by my imprisonment, are much more bold to speak the Word without fear." Philippians 1:12 O: It's the power of His presence that changes us. His glory all around us, and we become undone. He opens up the heavens, and falls afresh on us.

V12: Pauls chains served a greater purpose. Pauls chains changed him and those who are watching by the boldness and confidence in his faith. 

God can use our suffering to advance the gospel, and He will if we let Him. 

When the enemy tries to imprison us, we cannot allow that position to dictate our provision. What the enemy intended for evil, God WILL use for good. But we have to be bold enough to open up our hands and let God use it. We play a part here. 

We have to be bold enough to get face to face with the enemy through the bars of our prison door and spit at him with truth and confidence. That's close proximity, but sometimes when the enemy thinks his proximity is close, we have to remind him that the closer he gets to us, the closer he also gets to God that is in me...and that should scare him. 

**Our confidence in our chains might be the catalyst someone needs to also be bold to speak about the gospel. Better yet, our confidence in our chains is the evidence that some people need to even believe He is Christ**

Pauls imprisonment was the proof some people needed of the God they longed for. And his boldness to witness to people EVEN while he was stuck in his situation, proved that he was living a life worth of the gospel of Christ....and people were eager to have that kind of faith.

Paul used his position that most people would give up in, to raise to life the hearts and souls of the souls who watched.

**If we are looking for evidence of Gods faithfulness and love, love to someone who is walking through suffering and still singing His praises**

AJesus changes everything. 

People are always watching our life.

If we choose in the midst of our circumstances to wave the white flag and give up, we miss an opportunity to help others faith grow. 

*Evidence of Christ working in our life doesn't have to be told or preached for it to come across or make impact, it can simply be the posture you take in the middle of your prison*

P:  Heavnely Father,  If I am a prisoner, I am a prisoner for Christ. If I am suffering, I am suffering for the benefit of those around me coming to Christ. Everything I go through is a blessing, Jesus. Philippians 1:29 says, for it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe in him, but also to suffer for him. I want my life to be a clear sign to the enemy of his destruction and condemnation. So that through everything that is thrown at me, I may take up a posture of confidence, endurance, and serenity with every blow. Because you Lord God, have a Devine story being written about my life, and each and every chapter ends in victory. As I walk through seasons of suffering or disappointment or confusion, I believe that you are my rod, my staff, my comforter, and my rescuer. You are NOT the author of confusion, you Lord God, are the Author of confidence and the giver of new life. I will rest in these promises because all of them find their rest in Him (2 corinthians 1:20). May my life being living proof of your love every single day.  Amen.


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