• Lexie Thiery

Evicting idols

Scripture I read: Exodus 20

SOAP Method:

S:  "I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. You shall have no other Gods before me." Exodus 20:1-3

O: Our God is a jealous God, and that is good news. Because when jealously is risen, it means there is love and desire and care present in our beloved Father. 

God is jealous of al the idols that we have in our life. Because when we have them we EASILY put them on the throne of our heart instead of God. When God is booted off the throne, and idols come and sit that are not even close to qualified and can't keep the peace that we need in our heart, there erupts chaos, anxiety, stressful situations, and vulnerability. 

**A sure sign of an idol is fear and anxiety**

**Idols can even be things that are good...but if they go before the Lord in the ranking of priority...they quickly can turn into things that are not good".   Sometimes the idols are kids, serving, doing Gods work, loving your spouse, succeeding at your job. But if it has your heart and takes up more space in your head then God, then it is an unqualified idol. 

Sometimes, we can even put Gods WORK above God. It can get really easy to want God to move, do HIs will, and move through our lives more than we simply want the relationship with Him...and that is still not the kind of king we want on our throne. 

The enemy WANTS us to have idols because when we don't allow God to have the fulness of our hearts, He cannot operate the way He intends to in our life. If the enemy gets us to find our comfort and love in our bank account, no matter how much we have we will never prosper. 

A: There is no God like our God. He isn't a King whom I've heard about. He is the King of MY heart and the Lord of my lips. He protects me from the world and myself, wants good for me, loves me, will never leave me. But I must always want God more than I want to give into temptation. 

I must always want God more than I want success and I must always want Christ more than I want a person. 

How do I evict idols? --> recognize them and speak them out loud to lessen their power --> Speak truth over them --> Rebuke (cast away) them --> Invite God as the PERMANENT resident of the throne. 

P:  Heavnely Father,  You God are my God, earnestly I seek YOU. No one thing or no one else. Thank you for being jealous. For never wanting temporary for me but always wanting Eternal. I confess that I have idols that are scaling up the wall to the throne of my heart, and some have even made their way to battle you for it. Evict them Lord, cast them away and take up your seat. Don't leave a single one left. I want only you Lord, and no matter how bad it hurts to let go of things, give me the grace and strength to let go where I need to let go. I know sometimes the blessings you give me I can easily turn into an idol, but change me Lord. Don't let me see your blessings more than I see you. Direct my life, whisper to my heart your plans for me Lord and give me perseverance to pursue them Lord. YOU are my idol. In you I find rest and comfort. My bank account did not rescue me. My husband did not rescue me. My business did not die for me. You did that Jesus. I will not dishonor you by putting earthly things where you rightfully won your place. When the enemy comes my way, may I be fully equipped with Your Armor to extinguish every temptation or lie he throws at me. You are worthy, you are good, you are my prize, and I honor You with praise and confession. Thank you for loving me, pursuing me, desiring me, and reminding me of my constant need for you. May I walk with foot steps of faith, purpose in my speech, and kindness in my thoughts today.  Amen. 


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