• Lexie Thiery

Fear does not have to stop you

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Scripture I read: Isaiah 41

SOAP Method:

S:  "Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will withhold you with my righteous right hand" Isaiah 41:10

O: Fear and discouragement go together.  Fear= the initial feeling Discouragement= the end reaction

The very fact that God is with us should be enough to cast out any fear or doubt or anxiety....so why isn't it?

Maybe because we aren't living in faith, or we are allowing our flesh to dictate our reactions. Because if we allow our flesh to lead, it will always result in failure or discouragement, because we are not enough on our own. 

Or maybe it's because deep down we just don't believe that God really is as capable as He says He is. That's a hard truth to swallow. But if everyone operated out of trust, there would be no fear in the world. 

There is absolutely nowhere that we walk that God isn't with us, and hasn't already walked down to make sure the path is clear and safe for us. Just like when Peter was on the water and the storm was raging around him, it wasn't until he took his eyes off of Jesus and onto his storm that he began to sink and fail to believe. 

God knows how scary it can be to walk through life. I mean, heck. Jesus did life here. And he lived his entire life knowing his fate. 

We don't even know what happens tomorrow and yet we live in more fear than Jesus ever did. 

Just as when a little kid runs into his parents room in the middle of the night when everything is a little too dark and everything starts to seem a little bit more than he can handle, Gods wants us to run to His arms for safety too. 

Does He promise that LIFE will be safe? Nope. But does He promise that His arms are the safest place that you could ever be when life cuts you and turns too scary? Absolutely. 

**Fear flees in the face of faithfulness. Discouragement dissipates when we declare God is with us**

A: I am held. I am embraced. The righteous right hand doesn't just keep me safe, it empowers me, equips me, and reminds me that the battle is not one that I have to fight alone. 

What am I fearful of? --> not being accepted/rejection --> not being needed --> not being good enough --> being wrong/criticized --> not making an impact or a difference --> being lonely/unloved

Because I trust God, and know that He IS with me, all of those things are false. Sure they might happen and it might sting like crap. But I don't have to deal with them out of fear or discouragement. Those are choices. Instead, I will tap into the Truth, Grace, Love, and Kindness that Jesus is flooded with. 

In fact, I will be so full of the fruits, that there is absolutely no room for anything outside of those traits to root in my heart. 

Facing my fears doesn't have to mean starting them in the face with perceived confidence to the world while my heart shatters in rejection and disappointment...Instead, I choose confidence that is laced with the unchanging grace of God. I will be brave to face my fear, because you Jesus, you make me brave

P:  Heavnely Father,  I take refuge under your wings. I will turn to you when a battle rages. I will not allow fear or discouragement to rob me of my fullness in you. You are with me Jesus. Thank you. I praise you. Tetelestai. The work is finished. The end is written. Fear has to run at your name. Fear has no place in the kingdom of God and it has no place in the Children of God. I am yours Jesus, and you are mine. Rid me of every fear that keeps me from you. You make me brave Jesus. You call me out beyond the shore into the waves and it is there that you save me, rescue me, and pursue me. I've never drowned because your righteous right hand upholds me. It comforts me and it lights my path. You are the Good Shepard and you guide me back to you no matter how far I wonder. Help me hear your voice Jesus. Open up my ears and silence my thoughts so that you can be heard. Drown out all other voices and let me be confident in yours Jesus. You are my sun and my shield, and you withhold no good thing from me. Fear is not good. It has to go. You were brave Jesus. Your life was brave. Build in my a spirit, mind, and heart that directly reflects your character. Not for the approval of the world or for them to say I am awesome, Lord God but for you to look at my faith in the face of fear and marvel at it. I want to marvel you God. Shock you. And give you glory in every breath that I breath. Faith will by my compass, Your Word will be my comfort, and your light will be what illuminates my steps. Thank you Jesus. Amen. 


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