• Lexie Thiery

How to pray boldly

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Scripture I read: 1 John 5

SOAP Method:

S:  And we are confident that He hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases Him. 1 John 5:14

O: Because we are in Christ, we can be confident that He hears us. Not only that, but the Bible says we ARE confident. Present tense language.  James 1:1-7 says that when we pray, we should not doubt. There can be no "double-mindedness".  Verse 8 of that same text if I speak with a heart filled with doubt, but words that speak life and goodness and expectation, we become a people driven by doubt and worry no matter what we are saying. 

Confident is the opposite of doubt. Nowhere in the Bible does it mention anything about how we are to be cowardly in prayer. It wouldn't because God has not given us a Spirit of fear, but of power, love, and self control (2 Timothy 1:7). 

How often do we come to God presenting out requests and our needs and desires...but our heart is not in relationship with Him? It's more of a "Hey God, ill pray to you and act like a good person if you give me this thing I desire..and if not...well...I'm going to doubt you". We can't test God in that way. He doesn't want your words. He wants your heart. 

And the same goes for confidence in the WAY we pray. It's not about having all the right King James-sounding words to sound all proper and sophisticated. God wants our hearts and our minds to just be in awe of Him and completely in love with just the thought that even if we don't have the right words, He still hears our hearts cry. 

A: It makes me excited to pray knowing that I have confidence in Him. My prayers are not just sent to voicemail for Him to check later. My prayers are heard as soon as they are spoken. Immediately, and without delay. 

I wil pray with boldness. I will pray with power and purpose. I will pray with confidence because He turns His ear to me.

Psalm 66:18 says "If I has cherished iniquity (an idol) in my heart, the Lord would not have listened. 

But because David cried out to God with CONFIDENCE, even when he was walking though a hardship, God turned His ear to Him and met David where He was with comfort and peace.  

P:  Good Good God,  You never turn your ear from me. You never send my prayers to voicemail. You listen for me, and you delight in the sound of my voice. You care about all things, big and small in my life, and it brings you glory that I present to you even the things that I do not deem important. Because You God, you think everything is worth noting and everything is worth seeing. Help me be more like you in that way God. To not write off the little stuff or the little accomplishments that I have, because those are your favorite. You desire for your will to be done in me, and I present to you my body as an open vessel in which it can be done. Use me Lord. Help me Lord, to pray out of complete bravery and awe of you. To remember that I will not have a spirit that doubts or comes and goes when I need you God. But a spirit that is DEPENDENT on you. My dependency on you God can be determined in the frequency of my prayers...help me to never forget that truth. Be the Lord of my lips, and help me to pray more than I complain or ask. Prayer is where we sync up. It's when I stop following fear and doubt or anxiety and I start following and remembering my confidence in you. Not what you do for me Jesus, but simply...who you are. Thank you Lord for the gift of prayer. For this direct connection to you. Today, as I sit here in this space and think of how good You are to me...I ask that you would kill off any rotten fruit that has taken up space in my heart, and fill me up with the Fruit of Your Love that will overflow onto the lives of those around me. Use me today God. Spirit speak through everything that I say, and may my thoughts be in accordance with your grace. Amen.  


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